Logistics and Operations

We have a seamless operating system that helps us maintain our standard of excellence. We have more than 15 distributors who work hand in hand with us, Island wide, for this very purpose and over two thousand five hundred individual hospitals and pharmacies we cater to. Our daily logistics are mapped to ensure quality and stability in every service we offer.

Excellent Business Services Your Success

We have partnered with the renowned market leader in logistics – Spectra Logistics which is a joint venture between Hermas Group and GAC Sri Lanka. We have acquired access to their state of the art storage facilities. Their warehouse is equipped to accommodate secure storage, complete with cold room storage facilities.

Software and Information System

We have a Fully Customizable ERP solution covering all our Key Business Processes and Workflows, which have all been automated in line with the objective of achieving an environment friendly 100% paperless office experience. We obtain management information and related KPI’s via the N-AG Pharma Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution.

Our products are distributed through 20 island wide distributors and 40 sales representatives for managing our Secondary Sales and Marketing operations. The Sales and Marketing operations are fully automated with the integrated N-AG Re-Distribution Solution. The integrated N-AG Re-Distribution Solution covers over three thousand five hundred doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Really we are getting On-time information via both N-AG Pharma ERP Solution and N-AG Re-Distribution System to our Top Management and Share holders